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AVR760D NSM Regulator AVR


AVR760D NSM Regulator AVR

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Main features

Digital microprocessor Automatic Voltage Regulator

IGBT DC/DC switching power converter

“Voltage Sensing” with true RMS measurement (for minimum susceptibility to non-linear

loads and distorted waveforms)

Three-phase sensing (6 measures: phase to phase and phases to neutral) and singlephase


Self learning for alternator connection (single-phase, three-phase star or delta)

Voltage accuracy : ± 0.5% from no-load to rated load in steady state conditions, with any

power factor and for frequency variations ranging from -5% to +20% of the rated value

Load Acceptance Module (LAM) for optimal transient voltage

Maximum continuous output current : 7A (15A in overload for limited time spans)

Very high overload capability (start-up of induction motors) comparable to compound


Low build-up voltage : < 3Vac

50/60 Hz selectable by DIP switch

Remote control through potentiometer or 0÷5Vdc signal

AVR Controls (trimmers):

P1 Volt: to adjust output voltage ± 10%

P2 Stab: to adjust stability (dynamic response)

P5 kVA: to adjust maximum excitation and maximum output power. The set value is

delayed to allow the necessary transient overloads.

Protections and LED warnings

Output voltage limitation in case of highly unbalanced loads


Sensing wire breakage

Excitation overcurrent



High operating AVR-d temperature

Environmental features

Robust mechanical design and coated components to withstand vibration and harsh


Operating temperature range: - 30°C to +70°C

Vibrations: < 2 G (10 - 30 Hz), < 5 G (30 - 500 Hz)

Storage temperature range: - 40°C to + 85°C

Relative Humidity: <95% non-condensing

Dimensions: 148 x 121 x 52 mm (AVR760D), 127 x 115 x 52 mm (AVR960D)

Weight: 550 g

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